SPARKLING WINE, Mon 11 Dec 7pm


What better tasting to finish up the year than an exploration of the ultimate celebration drink: sparkling wine!

During this final tasting we enjoyed a wide variety of styles of sparkling from around the world, from your classic Champagne region to stranger interpretations from old and new world producers. The event was lead by Trivet’s Head Sommelier, Sofia Crepaz, with Isa Bal MS attending to assist (and enjoy with our Tasting Club community)… Sofia, nervous for her first tasting presentation, stepped up to the mark and delivered a really insightful and engaging experience for what turned out to be a victorious “members-only” gathering for our Tasting Club.

We must say a huge thank-you to our Tasting Club for their support, engagement and friendship throughout 2023; it’s been wonderful to host you, and great to raise [many glasses] of sparkling with you on Monday to another fantastic year to come!

If you are not a member, and would like to find out more about the Trivet Tasting Club, feel free to peruse our Tasting Club page via the button below. If you have any questions about the Club or about future events at Trivet, never hesitate to reach out to us at