“We are inspired by the history, culture and heritage of wine making around the world, and the amazing people we have met who make unique wines continuing these traditions but also pushing boundaries.”


The Trivet Cellar has an extensive chronological wine list with over 350 wines which include wines produced using both natural and conventional methods. All the wines have been selected by Master Sommelier Isa Bal, supported with his encyclopaedic selection of wine information. The Trivet Cellar carries wines from classic wine producing countries such as Italy and France as well as wines from Georgia, Armenia and Turkey, amongst others, acknowledging the root of viti-viniculture.

To find out more about The Trivet Cellar or to purchase wines and drinks from our list, contact us directly via email at info@trivetrestaurant.co.uk or visit our Trivet Shop or just come in and share a glass of wine with us, we would love to see you.