Labombe Wine Bar at Trivet

We are now open for a very different Trivet experience, fully realising our Wine Bar potential on the most (we think unfairly) moaned-about day of the week! We would love to welcome you on Mondays from 5pm-11pm for drinks, with a special menu available to order between 5pm and 9.30pm, to help you ease into the working week (or enjoy your day off if you’re a fellow hospitality worker).

The idea was formed upon Jonny’s recent visit home to his parents’ house in Burlington, Ontario, where – hiding in amongst old boxes – he found a school French project for his fictional bistro, “Labombe”. This project may have only scored a somewhat disappointing 6/10 from his French teacher, but this little piece of nostalgia has reignited Jonny and Isa’s desire to run their own Wine Bar, separate from the usual Trivet dining experience. With Isa in the partnership some 35-40 years later, (and a fully fledged London restaurant to play with), we can finally answer the teacher’s main complaint for the project:

“Où sont les boissons?”

You will be able to reserve tables in advance, but this will be a very casual affair, and bookings are by no means necessary, unless you are a party of 7 or more, in which case you need simply contact us in advance. The full Trivet wine list will of course be available to explore, as will our cocktails and other drink options, including some incredible wines by the glass. For all enquiries, you can call us on 0203 141 8670. You can also make online reservations in the usual manner though this link.

Fellow hospitality workers: if you are a member of TRADE hospitality, you receive some extra special discounts on the Labombe menus, too. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

instagram: @labombe6_10